Windows 10

Roles: Art Direction, Design, Production
Years: 2016, 2017

In 2016, Microsoft needed to regain the trust of increasingly skeptical developer audiences. With the introduction of Windows 10, game and app developers felt the company was forcing them to upgrade, in an effort to control how and where they could sell and distribute their products. What Windows needed was clear messaging to assure their wide community of devs that they wouldn't be trapped in a walled garden.

The developers needed a bridge to opportunity.

Utilizing that principle as the core of our strategy, we developed messaging and creative which reinforced Windows 10 as not only a modern platform, but an open one. My role included clearly defining the bridge principle, which secured Wire Stone the account. I also was the main art director and designer; creating deliverables across physical and digital marketing channels, as well as guiding consistency from third-parties.